We have so much gratitude to our sponsors  – they help make us stronger as a community and enable us to have events like the pow wow. Please show your support and choose their services and products for your home and work.

MIKES SCREEN PRINTING – made all the t-shirts for the pow wow! Thank you  Mike Vandyke, 405 Cedar Creek Drive, Pounding Mill, VA 24637, #276-971-9274, Mike’sScreenPrinting

SILVER SPUR SUPPLY, INC – Thank you for allowing us to use your golf carts for the pow wow. Doran, VA –   #276-964-4959 or #276-964-2611

RAVENFORM – website design, graphic design, ad layout, business cards & commercial photography… Aliya Trinity at  www.ravenform.com. 276-873-0113.

MINT MOTORS – Auto repair – save money with us. 19470 Gov. GC Perry Hwy, Tazewell, VA. Chuck Lowe #276-988-4444

RITCHIE-BUILT – excavation, grading, trucking & carpentry. 750 Evas Walk, Pounding Mill, VA 24639. Richie Horn #276-202-2663, ritchiehorn@live.com

SINGLETON FUNERAL & CREMATION SERVICES – the funeral home that cares. 1116 Cedar Valley Drive, Cedar Bluff, VA 24609. #276-964-4011. www.singletonfuneralservice.com

DJ’s PAWN SHOP – buy – sell – trade for ANYTHING! 3785 Steelsburg Hwy, Cedar Bluff, VA 24609 #276-345-4688

C HEALTH FOUNDATION – making life better with comprehensive health care for individual and family. #276-889-3700 (Lebanon), #276-873-6876 (Honaker), & #276-783-0000 (St Paul).

KIMBERLY’S GREENHOUSE – unique vegetable and garden plants, arrangements, container choices and inspirations. 1801 Pisgah Road, Tazewell, VA 24651. www.kimberlysgreenhouse.com, #276-988-4700

SPRING HILL LAWN AND GARDEN – equipment, parts and services. 2687 Steelsburg Hwy, Cedar Bluff VA 24609. #276-596-9998

COLLISION CENTER – we only meet by accident – 2685 Steelsburg Hwy, Cedar Bluff VA 24609 #276-964-0539

HV SPORTING GOODS – all sporting goods for all good sports. 102 East Front Street, Richlands, VA 24641. www.h-vsportinggoods.com, #276-963-2403

TRADER JERRY – call for quotes and special orders – Cedar Bluff, VA (#276-963-4867) and Salem, VA (#540-389-8095). www.traderjerry.com.

RAVEN TRUE VALUE HARDWARE – tools, products and expert advice for all your project needs.420 Raven Road, Raven, VA. #276-964-5729

HURST-SCOTT FUNERAL HOME – Family owned and operated since 1930. Richlands, Va. #276-964-4041.

CLAYPOOL HILL PHARMACY – caring, compassion, convenience. 12252 Gov. GC Peery Hwy, Pounding Mill, VA #276-963-3502

TIGER PHARMACY – across from New People’s Bank in Honaker.

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