Our First 3 Elders Council Members

On October 16th the following people were voted as your new representatives for the Elders Council:

Pawnee Jewell, Clint Dye, and Chuck Salyers.

Please welcome them and expect contact from your representative personally. This will be the person you can contact for your votes, ideas and concerns.

Please see the contact list if you need to contact your Representative. here.

Only 2 Days Left

We are submitting our handcrafted items to the Appalachian Art Gallery for consideration and all items from our community will be presented as a group. If you’d like to have your Native Handcrafted Items submitted please get your items to Aliya Trinity by September 10th. 

Please reach out to any member of our community that you think may be interested and make sure they are aware of this opportunity to help bring more income for your families & for our community, as well as beautiful gifts for those who visit the Appalachian Art Gallery.

Go to our Event Calendar for more details or contact Aliya for specifics.

Letter from the August meeting

Copy of the letter from Audra Phillips regarding the August 12, 2013 Council Meeting in Honaker:

August’s meeting went rather well even though we were unable to “go to water” due to the generosity of mother nature in the amount of rain she blessed us with. The river was just a little too rough to do this ceremony safely. Otherwise we enjoyed a great meal together, Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting for the great food.

Our Chief discussed and demonstrated the blowgun as a form of hunting weapon. Anyone interested in learning more should contact Chief Red Bear. We discussed nominations for Board Members. Nominations were: Pawnee Jewell, Robin Taylor, Aliya Trinity (who has asked to be withdrawn from the list), Audra Phillips, Clint Dye, and Chuck Salyers. We would like to elect 3 for now and add additional ones as our community grows (to be elected at the next council meeting – please make your vote heard).

We also discussed where the community is going and where we would like to see it in the future. I invite all of you to send me an email on your thoughts on this matter. We talked about the importance of us all putting our energy towards the same vision, so we’ve decided to have a gathering at Pawnee’s to come together in prayer for making our vision for the community as focused and strong as possible. If you would like to attend this meeting please come with your vision and ideas. If you need directions to Pawnee’s please contact her. She is on the contact list, if you do not have a contact list please contact AJ or myself and we will get you the information you need.

Printable - Native American 10 Commandments

Printable – Native American 10 Commandments

We are also having the first in a series of meetings to begin sharing our knowledge of plant identification and medicinal qualities with one another. This will be an opportunity to teach what you know and learn something that you don’t. Even if you only know one thing and 16 people show up that’s then 16 things we all know. This meeting will be at Clint and Nancy Dye’s home. Plan on spending time outside and trying new “veggies” lol. If you need directions to Clint and Nancy’s please contact them. They too are on the contact list.

I invite you all to go to our new website paintedmountaincommunity.com and check out the dates on the calendar. As we add events it will become more important for us all to keep an eye on this calendar, as hopefully there will be lots going on throughout the month and I won’t always be able to email everyone in a timely manner, try as I might. I’m just not that good and time has a tendency to slip between my fingers more often than I care to admit.  I would love to see more events going on in our community so please feel free to share any ideas you have for gatherings.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. Click photo for a larger, printable copy.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. Click photo for a larger, printable copy.

In addition to these events we also set the next Council meeting for Sept 16, @ 6pm.  I am working on getting a place for our meeting for the winter but I don’t know if I will have it arranged by then. Keep this in your prayers, please. I have several leads on possible sites where we may be able to have ceremony and meetings on a regular, long term basis.

Applications for memberships cards and the 10 Native Commandments were made available to those interested in them. There will be a link placed on the site soon for you to be able to print your own copy of the application and mail it in with your picture and fee.   COMPLETE applications will begin to be printed in the order in which they are received. This will make the other roll cards obsolete.

This pretty much covers what happened at Aug’s meeting. Hope to see you all at one of our upcoming events.

May you go in a good way,


Please Support Our Sponsors

We have so much gratitude for our sponsors  – they help make us stronger as a community and enable us to have events like the pow wow. This year’s pow wow was a great success! We danced, saw friends, bought goodies, felt the heartbeat of our mother & honored Grandfather.  We also honored Grey Wolf’s passing, acknowledged our new chief, Red Bear and taught many people how to assemble prayer ties. Hopefully you were able to come out to participate in the event.

This year, when it comes time to get your car serviced, or use a funeral home, buy plants, receive health care, get a prescription filled, have a website designed, buy guns, hire a carpenter, etc… please show your support to our sponsors by choosing their services and products for your home and work.

See a full listing… here.

Red Bear and Arvel