Community Yard Sale in Bandy

Reminder that we are doing a community yard sale in Bandy @ the Bandy Center on Friday, June 6th from 8 am to 12pm. ALL ITEMS WILL BE DONATED. Proceeds from the items that sell will go towards the community and any items that don’t sell will be donated to the Bandy Center for use of their facilities. Please contact your rep if you would like to donate any items to this yard sale.
Thank you!

Sweat Lodge Schedule

Chief Red Bear and Audra invite anyone interested in going to lodge to come to their home and participate in this ceremony. This will take place on Sat, June 14th arrival between 2 and 3 pm to help gather firewood for lodge. This is a community activity and anyone who would like to participate should help prepare for the ceremony. Your energy and good prayers are an important part of this ceremony. If you are unable to gather firewood there are other things that can be done in preparation for lodge.

Please bring a item for the meal afterwards, This is very important. Chief Red Bear will go over what to expect and explain the ceremony to those who are present.

Ladies: Please remember that if you are in a sacred way, you will not be able to go into lodge but you are still welcome to come. Dress code for women is a light dress or shorts and a tee shirt. No zippers, snaps or buttons as these will get hot during lodge and could possibly burn you.

Men: Dress code is shorts with no zippers, snaps or buttons, as these may get hot during lodge and could possibly burn you.

To All Participants: Please bring a towel, This is very important to wipe the sweat from your face during lodge to keep the toxins your body will release out of your eyes. No jewelry or metel of any kind can be worn during lodge due to the risk of burning with the heat. You will want to bring what you plan on wearing into lodge separately so that you can change into them when it is close to time to go in. This will allow you to have appropriate clothes for gathering wood and also to have dry clothes to put on when lodge is done.

This ceremony can be very draining, EVERYONE going into lodge is welcome to stay the night to recover from the ceremony before making the drive home. If you plan on staying, please bring pillows and a cover for each person.

Any questions or concerns please contact Chief Red Bear @ 276-870-8716. If you need directions you can contact either Chief Red Bear or your rep and they can provide you with directions.

Hope to see you there!

Welcome Back after a Long Winter

We are back to scheduling meetings and gatherings again. Please watch your email address for notices from your Representitive for notices of upcoming events. Chief Red Bear will be doing teachings, called Walk with Me, every 3rd Sunday of each month covering varying traditions and ceremonies. Locations will vary so keep an eye on the site and your email for where and what time. Most of these will be scheduled for noon, but times may vary.

We welcome all suggestions for gatherings. If you would like to host an event please contact your rep to schedule a time.